Anal sex, how to do it without pain

Anal sex, how to do it without pain
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Despite what you might see in porn, anal sex isn’t actually a sexual act that can just happen without lots of lube and good prep work. While yes, sometimes the old ” sorry I slipped in the wrong hole ” happens, it’s unlikely that without a good dose of lube, your partner will be able to penetrate you all the way.

If you’re willing to put in a little bit of preparation, anal sex has the potential to become a super pleasurable act that can undermine more classic intercourse from time to time.

Whether it is a she or a him who plays the passive role , to avoid negative experiences that could jeopardize any other future relationships, it is possible to adopt small precautions to make the relationship pleasant and satisfying.

Stimulation and relaxation

Foreplay can be the main allies in preparation for anal sex.

The passive partner must be in a favorable situation to be able to indulge in this type of practice. Breathe, loosen your muscles and prepare yourself mentally without creating any kind of barrier.

Precisely for this reason it is not advisable to start immediately with the sexual act but to gradually solicit the partner by stimulating the anus with the fingers,  with the tongue or using a plug. To facilitate penetration, it is possible to use lubricating oils or saliva directly.

Gradual dilation

Penetration can be quite painful, especially if your partner’s penis is large . The muscles must gradually adapt to the dilatation, therefore once a finger or an anal plug has been inserted, it is important that it remains still for a short period of time.

Subsequently, circular movements can be performed and another finger inserted, provided that this operation does not cause excessive pain. Following the same precautions, it will be possible to proceed with the insertion of the penis or a vibrator.

Better locations

Some positions are more suitable for anal sex because they facilitate penetration , decreasing pain and consequently increasing pleasure.

The doggy style is certainly the most suitable and also the most used position. The woman or man who will passively undergo the practice will have to arch at 90° while the partner will position himself behind, at the height of side b. To stabilize the grip and better control the penetration, it is recommended to hold the partner by the hips.

The spooning position is a good alternative to doggy style: lie on your side on a bed or flat surface, relax and raise your leg. Your partner will stand behind you and apply the penetration. Remember to keep your leg raised to facilitate the introduction of the penis.

Optimal hygiene

As you can easily understand, the area involved in anal sex must be as clean as possible . The feces pass through the rectum therefore the risk of getting dirty even in the slightest part exists. This can also represent a risk from a bacteriological and viral point of view, therefore it is an aspect that should not be underestimated.

To avoid health risks and embarrassing situations, you can clean the rectum. Make sure you have evacuated in the best possible way by sitting on a toilet and using a stool under your legs to improve the expulsion phase of the feces. Then make the classic bidet using a lavender, or in any case a perfumed and delicate product that is not excessively acidic.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it with cleaning: once a day is more than enough. After intercourse it is not necessary to irrigate the internal areas of the rectum.

Precautions and risks

As we have observed in the previous paragraphs, the penetration of the anus must take place in a delicate and gradual manner. Abrupt and brutal actions that can cause painful and bleeding micro-lacerations are to be avoided.

As well as vaginal sex, anal sex can also be the cause of the transmission of venereal diseases , therefore the use of condoms is recommended . It would also be advisable not to switch from anal to vaginal sex because the bacteria inside the rectum could be transferred inside the vagina causing infections.

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