Anal sex without surprises: how to prepare

Anal sex without surprises - how to prepare

Anal sex can  be a source of great pleasure, but behind the orgasms achieved rectally can be hidden unpleasant problems of a hygienic nature .

In this article, we delve into the subject and find out how to best prepare the body before letting a guest enter the back door.

The mood is fundamental

Before delving into the complex issue of the diet to follow before having anal intercourse, we need to make a necessary premise.

Most psychologists, therapists and sexologists agree in stating that, to keep the dirty unexpected at bay, rather than nutrition, it would be a good idea to control performance anxiety.

In fact, this emotional state, like all those that predict an anxiety-provoking state, are able to disrupt regular bowel habits.

The risk, therefore, is having to deal with cramps, stomach pains and an impromptu need to run to the bathroom. All ailments that prevent you from enjoying the experience.

The right nutrition before anal sex

That said, there are some foods that are more suitable than others , to be consumed in the hours immediately preceding sexual intercourse, but it is always necessary to start from a single assumption, which is to know your body and its functions.

The best advice is to eat foods rich in fiber and water , because in this way the stools increase in volume, slowing down the intestinal transit.

Another technique would be to eat only foods that cause constipation, such as bread and pasta.

Which is what Valentina Nappi does: ” To shoot a scene there are only two precautions I adopt: stop eating twelve hours beforehand and, when it happens that I have to shoot an anal scene, I avoid taking fibers the day before. ” .

Absolutely to avoid, however, are:

  • red meats and spicy foods;
  • sweets;
  • liquid foods such as purees and fruit;
  • carbonated and alcoholic drinks;
  • coffee.

These foods and drinks, in fact, stimulate excessive fermentation , causing abdominal swelling. A sensation, the latter, which arouses discomfort in those who play the passive role.

Anal sex without surprises - how to preparePreparation: the importance of breathing exercises

As we have already mentioned, performance anxiety is one of the main obstacles to overcome if you want to enjoy anal sex .

The best way to control this state of agitation is to do autogenic training , with a few more tricks, given the particular approach one intends to prepare for.

In this case, the breathing exercise should be accompanied by a downward push phase on exhalation. By doing so, it is possible to obtain a double benefit, in addition to calming panic and fear.

On the one hand, you train your pelvic floor, with all the benefits it brings. On the other hand, during this exercise, the anal orifice undergoes slight dilatation . In this way, the sphincter muscles will also be better prepared to welcome the male member.

Another phenomenal breathing technique that is very useful before having anal sex is the one called Ujjayi (or warrior’s breath). It is a yogic breathing that enhances the libido and aims at psycho-physical well-being.

Pros and cons of enemas and anal douches

Most men and women who are about to have anal sex resort to bowel lavage procedures too easily .

However, what is not considered is that  enemas and anal douches should be practiced only in case of acute constipation and not to remove any waste from the intestinal tract.

In fact, both domestic water and hydro-saline solutions can compromise the natural balance, exposing the body to the possibility of contracting pathogens and infections of various kinds.

The advice of the experts, in this sense, focus on two essential points.

First, if you enjoy bowel regularity and your toilet appointments are always of the same frequency and quality, you don’t need to do the enema or douching .

If you really want to dispel any doubts, it is better to resort to a mild laxative to purify yourself from the residues of waste that have not been expelled.

In this way, you will be sure of being perfectly clean without losing sight of health care.

What to do just before anal sex?

The intestine is now clean, the anxiety has disappeared and the partner is ready to make his triumphal entrance.

Even in the minutes preceding anal sex, it is possible to take precautions that will minimize the discomfort of the moment.

For starters, you can ease the tension of penetration with butt plugs . These small accessories aim to widen the sphincter without trauma, facilitating penetration.

Not to mention that this sex toy can also stimulate the couple’s imagination and eroticism.

If the use of the anal plug is frankly accessory and linked to personal will, the same does not apply to lubricants , which must always be used before having anal sex.

Generally speaking, any lubricant will do, but if you want the ultimate experience, it’s best to lean towards specifically formulated lubricants for anal sex, enriched with numbing agents.