Everything you need to know about escorting services

Escort services are acts that women or sometimes male equivalents get paid for by the hour. Those who offer these services are referred to as sex workers professionally or as prostitutes in the streets. The services mentioned don’t have to be sex and they do not operate in a brothel. They are independent workers and clients have to make appointments with them. The difference between them and actual prostitutes is that they get paid by the hour and not for the act.

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In the UK, these services are legal even though owning or running a brothel, soliciting for sex publicly whether in a car or not, or prostitution itself is illegal and against the law. Escort started as early as 1839 with London having the highest number of over 3,000 cases in that year. However, by the year 1888, the cases in England and Wales had risen to over 24,000 while those of London stood at just above 5000. Escort services have been on the rise since despite the rise in human trafficking, forced prostitution and child abduction.

In the late 20th century, in attempts to reduce prostitution, it was made illegal for a call girl to loiter in the streets for the purpose of soliciting for sex and since most of them feared life imprisonment they started working from home and working with their connections privately to make a client list and build up their reputation.

In the 21st century, the number of sex workers from outside the UK was rising at an alarming rate and the government had to make rules and recommendations for women with the onset of forced escort services, therefore they introduced projects to divert women from prostitution and to help those already in it to exit. The laws, including the law of not soliciting sex in public, were that, one; it was illegal for a person to pay for sex if the woman was subjected to abuse, violence, torture or submission. That was considered as sexual abuse. Second, working gas a prostitute in a brothel or in public places was an offence.

But working at home or independently and privately was not considered as illegal. Advertising for sexual activities and pimping someone’s business by the use of escorts or advising, coercing or forcing someone to join prostitution were considered as serious offences worth up to life imprisonment.

With time, escort services have become booming services in the UK mainly London to a point that there are offences against them. Murderers and serial killers are not forgiven if they kill an escort. Even though some immigrants use this as an excuse to avoid the taxation fee, they are still protected against the law. That is considered an offence as long as she doesn’t violate any of the laws protecting you. Facilitating or funding the transportation of a person into the United Kingdom in order to introduce them into sex working is considered as “trafficking” ad an offence. This is to prevent innocent people especially teenagers from unwillingly experiencing the unrewarding experiences in the escort business.


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